Health and Beauty

Healthy salads stuffed with secret salt reveals new survey

Reaching for that healthy green salad in the supermarket or relieving the guilt at your favourite restaurant by opting for the healthy option may not be all that good for you after all.


  • Published: 10:49 Fri 06 Jun 2014

    The warmth and heat of Summer days can play havoc on your skin, and a sweat and foundation cocktail can lead to a massive breakout. Ideally a layer of sunscreen is all we should be putting on our faces




  • Published: 13:30 Tue 13 May 2014

    WHEN it comes to knowing about the benefits of exercise, unless you’ve been cut off from all means of communication and living on Alpha Centauri for the past 20 years, you really can’t plead

Fashion Gossip

Christian Dior partners Princess Grace Foundation

Christian Dior has signed a three-year deal with The Princess Grace Foundation-USA.