Published: 22/11/2012 11:54 - Updated: 11/02/2013 14:52

Top Tartan Trends

Stephanie Sofokleous

Tartan in the realms of fashion has had many a transformation, and this season, it’s yet again leaving the highlands and abandoning its heritage roots to become a fabric of bold proportions, with a whole new range of tartan hues increasing the fabric’s versatility.

Snatching inspiration from the 90s punk era, this season sees the high street welcoming plaid shirts, tartan print jeans and tartan check dresses with open arms.  The look can be kept classic, with the traditional colours of red and green, or there is a whole new palette of tartan hues to embrace, such as salmon pink, blues, purples and greys.

Because of this fabric’s history, it makes sense for it to be adopted by the huge surge of vintage revivalism that has hit the fashion world recently, with 50s and 60s style mid-length tartan skirts in red, green, black, and white making an appearance.

The vintage domain isn’t the only one to have seized this fabric. The latest countryside trend that has seen the country following in Kate Middleton’s fashion footsteps has moulded tartan to its own style. A-line coats and well tailored wide-legged pants in countryside hues of dark greens, browns and creams make tartan look like this is where it has always belonged.

This season’s adaptation of the fabric comes hand in hand with a soft, androgynous silhouette, which is fitting considering the fabric originating from the men’s wardrobe. As a result, expect to see tartan in the form of two-pieces. Taking over from the controversial trend of double denim is double plaid.  This notion emphasises that this season, tartan is back with a ‘go hard or go home’ purpose, so don’t be scared to be bold with it. Accessorize with tartan scarves, shoes, collars and bags, or if you’re feeling brave, wear print on print.

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