Jubilee Decor

With the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee starting already and regular news of souvenir products being launched, we are on the look out for the best mementos and memorabilia for your home.

Here are just a few of our favourites so far, but we will have our eyes open in the run-up to the weekend of festivities in June and will report back on our findings!















We just love these handmade decoupage wooden hanging hearts - they would look lovely used individually but a hanging row of them, bunting style, would look fabulous! £5 each, www.theshabbyshade.com

Jubilee chairs











These kids chairs are hand decorated from reclaimed vintage chairs and the one featured in the centre of the picture has been designed to commemorate the jubilee year. The only drawback is that they are child sized as I am sure that will leave quite a few adults disappointed! £200, mamalally.com/home.html

Jubilee tea cosy

















No jubilee tea party would be complete without a big pot of tea kept warm by a commemorative tea cosy and this one from Ulster Weavers is absolutely delightful. £15, www.notonthehighstreet.com 

Jubilee teabags



















Well I just could not resist these! Highly functional as the outstretched arms fit over your cup so the tea bag gives you the perfect cuppa – however, I would defy you to use them, they are just too lovely, not to mention funny. £6.99, www.thepresentfinder.co

Jubilee card

















This charming little print is gorgeous in black and gold – perfect to mark the jubilee but a keepsake I suspect you will want to have for many years to come. £17.50, www.notonthehighstreet.com

Jubilee tin











Clever Emma Bridgewater has brought out a lovely range of products with a jubilee feel and I was rather spoilt for choice with what to pick. However, it had to be this tin with the corgi on the top – perfect for the office biscuits I think. £13, www.emmabridgewater.co.uk

Jubilee buttons

















 I really like this framed button collage from Graham and Green – beautiful as a whole but also lovely close up, some really charming jubilee themed buttons. Queen framed button art £285, www.grahamandgreen.co.uk

Jubilee cushion














And finally, Jan Constantine has not let us down – her range of jubilee inspired cushions and bunting are absolutely gorgeous. I just couldn’t pick a favourite one so I am afraid you will have to visit the website and drool over the whole range for yourselves. www.janconstantine.com



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By Cate Burren

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