Lead Letter: John Tucker talks about traffic calming measures in Luton

SIR – I have recently been sent a leaflet from the council which is proposing traffic calming measures in the Wigmore area.

Published: 11:46 Mon 24 Mar 2014

READING Steve Lowe’s comment piece ‘Police close ranks and politicians just let them’ last weekend, I couldn’t help but feel a lack of proportion in the words.

Published: 10:30 Sun 08 Dec 2013

SIR – I’d like to respond to Mrs M R Simmons (LoS 1/12/13) flawed logic and facts in regards to the under occupancy charge.

Published: 10:25 Wed 29 May 2013

SIR – I write in response to a letter from your frequent correspondent Mr Ron Turvey (Letters, May 19).

Published: 11:00 Sun 05 Jan 2014

SIR - SOMETHING big may be going down. As reported in last weeks Luton on Sunday, journalists have been trying to speak with our Police Commissioner - and they can’t find him.

Published: 09:30 Sun 16 Jun 2013

SIR – We are writing to endorse the call for a People’s Assembly Against Austerity, and to mobilise the widest possible support across Luton.

Published: 09:30 Sun 07 Apr 2013
Cardinal Newman Parents and pupils protesting outside the Town Hall about cuts to bus services;

SIR - In response to the letter published by Ron Turvey relating to faith schools.

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