Published: 09/01/2008 00:00 - Updated: 11/03/2009 00:13

Luton legend named in takeover bid

Two former Luton Town legends have been revealed as members of the Anglo-American consortium bidding to buy the cash strapped club.

The consortium, LTFC2020, announced today (Wednesday) that Littlewoods Cup winning captain Steve Foster and Godfrey Ingram are among its team.

Legend: Steve FosterThe group, headed by ex-GMTV presenter and president of Luton Town Supporters Association Nick Owen, has submitted a bid to save the club to administrator Brendan Guilfoyle.

Foster, who helped the Hatters to cup victory in 1988, said: "We have exciting plans for the Hatters and once we stabilise the finances, we will focus on youth development, the supporters and relocation.

"I had a great time at the club and it was fantastic to be part of that hugely successful era.

"The fans deserve so much better than the events of recent months and with my fellow partners on the bid, we know we can put the club back on track to successful times.

"I really hope we are successful and I know the plans put before the administrator are tough in the early stages as we stabilise the club, but after that we hope to take the club into an era we can all be proud of."

Ingram, who played for Luton between 1978 and 1981 before joining San Jose Earthquakes in America, is offering financial backing to the scheme.

The Californian based businessman, whose business partners include Michael V. Roberts of the St. Louis based Roberts Companies Empire, said: "I was born in Luton, raised in Luton and had the great fortune of serving Luton as a player, but this is not about me or the so called return of the prodigal son.

"LTFC2020 clearly represents the collective will of the supporters and sets out a compelling and achievable vision for an exciting future for the Hatters. I am ready, willing and able to support this vision with all of the resources at my disposal."

Bid Manager Gary Sweet said the bid has a full team of equal partners rather than just one rich businessman bankrolling a new toy.

He added: "Steve and Godfrey have been huge assets.

"Added to Nick Owen, Mick Pattinson, Antony Brown, Stephen Browne you can see how strong our bid really is.

"We are also delighted to announce that 'Mr Football' Keith Harris has not only given his full support to our bid, but has stated that he will help us secure future funding should it be needed."

Liam Day, of supporter group Trust in Luton, backed the bid.

He said: "LTFC2020 has worked with us, been totally transparent, and their bid is something we can all be proud of. It will bring credibility back to our club.

"Today, or possibly tomorrow, will bring in a new dawn for our beloved Luton Town. Let us all hope that Mr Guilfoyle will decide on the new owners that can bring us sunshine once again."

It is rumoured that ex-Chairman and ex-Jayten Director Cliff Bassett is also considering buying Luton Town, but no bid has been made as yet.

Supporters' groups back famous fan in bid for Luton Town
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