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Mice, maggots and flies found in bakery premises

By Luton On Sunday  |  Posted: January 14, 2013

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Owners of a bakery who persistently ignoring hygiene laws have been banned from ever managing a food business again.

Environmental Health officers discovered dead mice, maggots and fruit flies during an inspection of Meads Bakery Ltd , which produces bread, rolls and pastry items at its premises in Bolton Road, Luton.

Mr Sunderam Premanand and his wife, Mrs Sathiabama Premanand were ordered to pay fines totaling £38,000, which included council costs of £1908 and a £15 victim surcharge.

In addition, Magistrates gave the couple a banning order, which effectively stops them from managing a food business again.

Between February 2012 and January 2013 food safety officers visited the premises 8 times and on each occasion they saw evidence of appalling hygiene conditions.

Although officers advised the manager how to improve standards of hygiene, they were ignored.

Mr Premanand previously operated the business as a sole trader and was fined £10,000 in 2011 for similar hygiene offences.

During their visits officers noted thick black mould, evidence of pests including dead mice, and spider webs hanging from the ceiling.

Food debris and grease were found coating the floors, and workers were seen mopping floors with dirty water.

Cllr Mohammed Ashraf said: “The terrible hygiene conditions in this business over a prolonged period of time indicate the owner’s total disregard for hygiene.

“We welcome the Magistrates decision to stop the bakery owners from managing a food business in future.

"The council will not tolerate anyone running a food business with conditions which place public health at risk.”

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  • frankpc1  |  January 19 2013, 4:44AM

    I'm a retired baker here in the United States. I live in Idaho one of the states out West. A small city named Boise, pop. 166,000 roughly. I do know that any bakery showing the kinds of filth that this one shows would have been closed on the first visit by the health inspectors.I can not believe that our two country's are that far apart on are health codes, so what gives? I've never seen the name Premamand and am assuming its some ethnic minority. Is this the reason the bakery was allowed to stay opened? If I am offending anyone, that is not my intention.It just seems very strange that a bakery would be allowed to sell products to customers with filth like that on and in its premises. Perhaps its not a minority and the powers that be decided that come hell or high water that bakery would be allowed to keep it's doors open. So again I ask, what gives? Someone must have been receiving some serious coin of the state in order to keep operating. IMHO.I could be wrong, I am a lot, I am after all a damn Yankee. I don't know if you print everything you receive or not, no matter to me, however it would be interesting to me to fine out why this bakery was allowed to remain open for so long in such deplorable conditions. Aren't your curious?