Published: 11/02/2007 00:00 - Updated: 19/02/2009 00:38

County welcome road signs spark snootiness charge

Proud lutonians are up in arms over 'snooty' 'Welcome to Bedfordshire' signs which have been put up on the outskirts of the town.

The signs, which have been placed on roads heading out of the borough, have infuriated drivers who claim the rest of the county is trying to distance itself from Luton.

They have pointed to the fact there are no corresponding signs on roads going out of Bedford.

One driver who called Luton/Dunstable on Sunday, who we agreed not to name, said: "The first time I saw one of these signs I thought it was an insult to the people of Luton.

"Does the rest of Bedfordshire think it has to dissociate itself from Luton? "These signs don't appear on roads leading out of Bedford."

Another driver added: "I think some people in Bedfordshire are being snooty and think being associated with Luton in some way brings them down. I think that's a disgusting attitude to have, and it's disrespectful to the people of Luton." Bedfordshire County Council spokesman John Pilgrim said: "Luton has been a unitary authority since 1997 and is therefore not part of Bedfordshire.

"There are examples of this all over the county and the answer is that county and unitary boundaries and roads often cross over.

"Our signs are designed to tell people which county they are in so that everyone should know who is responsible for a road." Luton Borough Council spokeswoman Fiona Mair said: "This council is a unitary authority and is responsible for the 'Welcome to Luton' signs on the borough boundaries.

"The county council is responsible for the 'Welcome to Bedfordshire' signs.

"We have not received any official complaints about the signs."
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