Published: 28/10/2009 00:00 - Updated: 13/11/2009 09:38

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I HAVE been calling on Margaret Moran to resign and force a by-election since early May when the scale of her expense abuses became apparent and her position became untenable. Since then she has been off work and done absolutely nothing for the town, its people or its reputation.

Parliamentary correspondence and casework has been ignored, yet Ms Moran has happily taken her salary each month. Enough is enough.

Luton needs an MP who is involved in politics for what they can give, not what they can take.

We need an honest ambassador who can re-energise the town and make the best of its immense potential.

Another seven months is too long to go without a voice in Westminster. It is transparently clear that Ms Moran is either unwilling or unable to perform her parliamentary duties, which leaves just one honourable course of action: Resign Now.

ESTHER RANTZEN (Independent)

IT is an appalling flaw in our democratic process that Luton South has not been represented in Parliament for so long.

Voters must be given the power to recall an MP who cannot, or will not, do the job.

To be a Member of Parliament is an honour, and carries huge responsibilities.

Lutonians are rightly furious at the contempt Margaret Moran has shown them. Nobody is representing Luton South on burning issues which affect us deeply, like employment, housing, education and social care, child protection, and care of the elderly.

I have met Lutonians experiencing hardship and injustice who should be able to rely on their MP for support and advice.

Margaret Moran is notorious for protecting her partner's home in Southampton against rot. Luton South urgently needs a new MP to protect our democracy against devastating rot, to champion and fight for Luton.

JOE HALL (Independent)

WHAT do we, the people of Luton, want from our MP? I believe we want someone who's rooted in Luton and will stand up for local people.

Someone who will work hard in Parliament, find solutions to the everyday issues that define our lives. And we want to rewrite the lie that Luton is a bad place it's our town, a good town of good people. We can make it even better.

But Margaret Moran has fallen a long way from the high standards we expect. We deserve much better and we need it now.

We must remember we're in a recession and a by-election would cost money. The last General Election cost the people of Luton South about £85,000 - a little over £2 for each person who voted. But I think it's worth doing.

We need an MP working hard for people's jobs, for public services, for Luton's future. Today.


AS a proud resident of Luton South I sadly know all too well the damage Ms Moran's actions have caused to our community. During my time as a councillor no issue has led to greater anger among fellow residents.

Ms Moran sought the great honour of representing the hardworking people of Luton South and in return she has left our community with no voice in Westminster at a time when we need it the most.

If Ms Moran had any respect or sense of duty to our community she would resign now and end this shameful situation.

Instead she chooses to continue collecting taxpayers' money and let our area down.

Luton South deserves to be represented by someone who is passionate and sincere about their commitment to our community, understands the values and pride of its residents and is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure a prosperous future for our families.

Ms Moran, do the right thing - resign.


TO the Constituency Labour Party: For the best of both the Parliamentary Labour Party and for Luton South, select a new candidate and hold a byelection.

Luton South is the only one of 650 constituencies which is deprived of Parliamentary representation, and is in a situation vulnerable to political leverage and opportunism.

That Margaret Moran is unable to represent the town, either due to her own failings in exploiting the parliamentary expenses, as did many MPs, or due to her now long-term illness, this should not be an excuse for Luton South to remain unrepresented.

The constituents should have the right to a political voice and representation regardless of political persuasion.

Sadly, Margaret Moran is now perceived to be both taking the salary and refusing to do the job, and remaining an incalcitrant incumbent waiting to pick up her redundancy cheque of £32,000 and full pension.

None of these represent the best interests of the constituents, just Margaret Moran.


THESE are hard, desperate times for everyone here in Luton.

What we need now more than ever is a hard-working MP, not a desperate one clinging on to power giving nothing but concern for her final pension paid by us.

If Margaret and the Labour party have any sense of justice she should go now before her dignity lies tattered and torn.
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