Published: 28/10/2009 00:00 - Updated: 13/11/2009 09:38

It is time for you to go Moran

Today this newspaper launches its 'Get Moran Out Now' campaign.

We are fed up with people in Luton South being represented by an MP who thinks it is OK to spend thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers' money on decorating and furnishings.

We are fed up with an MP who cares more about dry rot than Luton.

We are fed up with seeing residents left without a proper voice.

And most of all we are fed up with Margaret Moran.

Luton & Dunstable Express believes the disgraced MP should quit now - not six months and countless payouts down the line.

Luton South needs an MP who will represent the needs of its constituents with honesty and integrity.

It doesn't need an MP who hasn't spoken in the House of Commons for months.

It doesn't need an MP who claimed £22,500 for dry rot treatment at a home 100 miles from Luton.

It doesn't need an MP who splashed taxpayers' cash on decorating, repairing and furnishing three homes in Luton, Southampton and Westminster.

She has been castigated by Prime Minister Gordon Brown who called her behaviour 'totally unacceptable'.

She has been slammed by members of the local Labour party. In May, chairman of Luton South Labour Party Mahmood Hussain told this newspaper: "Ms Moran has made a very bad judgement and she has now realised that she has made a very bad judgement.

"That is regrettable." But most of all she has been slammed by the people of Luton South.

Following the expenses scandal this newspaper was inundated with letters from residents saying Ms Moran must go.

And yet she has still not taken the time to speak directly to the people of Luton to explain herself.

She has still not apologised to her constituents, instead choosing to blame the House of Commons Fees Office for processing her ridiculous claims.

And all this time the money continues to roll in.

Ms Moran's annual expenses and allowance since then could reach £160,000 if the General Election is held at its latest possible date in June 2010.

On top of that she is set to pocket a 'resettlement grant' of £54,000, a 'winding up allowance' of £35,905 and a 'gold-plated pension'.

Ms Moran has behaved disgracefully. She's fleeced taxpayers quite enough.

Luton South needs to elect a new MP and it needs to do it now.

That's why we are saying, 'Get Moran Out Now'.
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