Published: 05/09/2011 15:30 - Updated: 05/09/2011 14:26

Moorlands among Free School pioneers

One of the first free schools in the country has opened its doors.

Moorlands Free School, formerly Moorlands School, opened to nearly 200 pupils aged four to 11 with the aim of expanding to over 500 children by 2015.

A Free School is funded by the Government, but recieves greater freedoms than local authority run schools. They are run by the teachers and not by politicians.

They are not permitted to make a profit, with all funds raised going back into improving education in Luton.

The new establishment aims to build on the successes of the previous Moorlands School, by providing a tradtional curriculum with some specialist subject teaching. It opens in an area which is high in demand for primary school places.

Dr Andrew Cook, of Moorlands Free School, said: "Moorlands believes passionately in the mission of Free Schools to tackle educational disadvantage and to offer a lifeline to pupils whose life-chances and educational achievement are compromised by their postcode or family circumstances.

“That is why Moorlands Admissions Policy not only gives first priority to those pupils who are in the care of the local authority and those with special educational needs but uniquely reserves a significant number of places for pupils living in the most deprived areas of the town."

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