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No action taken over ‘offensive’ BNP leaflets

By Lauren.Archell  |  Posted: August 12, 2012

UPSET: Linda Jack with the leaflet

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A former MP candidate has said that she is shocked that no action is being taken against a British National Party leaflet that she believes is ‘racist’.

Linda Jack, of Furze Close, Luton, said she was disgusted when the leaflet came through the door early last Sunday morning, and branded its literature ‘nasty’ and ‘offensive’.

Under the title ‘Racist Muslim Paedophilia’, the content read: ‘The facts of the matter are that the ‘Pedostani’ gangs could not have got away with their sick and evil crimes for so long had the establishment not turned a blind eye.’

Ms Jack, who stood as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Luton North in 2005, said: “I felt that this leaflet was highly offensive, misleading and in my view constituted a hate crime as I believed it was racist.

“I think that the leaflet as a whole was racist as I felt it attempted to conflate paedophilia with Islam and Pakistanis in particular.

“I called Bedfordshire Police on Sunday and an officer came to see me on Tuesday to discuss my concerns.

“She took the leaflet away for it to be looked at, but to learn that no laws have been broken is shocking.

“When you think about all the recent issues with what people have said on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, I can’t see how this is much different to be honest.

“It might be that the content of leaflets like this should be looked at more seriously.” A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “The BNP is a properly constituted political group and while some people find their literature distasteful and/or offensive, it does not actually transgress the law.

“It should also be remembered that the Human Rights Act provides all with a right to express their views in a lawful manner.

“The leaflet was taken away by a member of the Local Policing Team and was shown to the Community Cohesion Officer, and both deemed it not to break the law.”

BNP East Region Organiser Steve Squires said: “If the content of our leaflet broke the law we’d have the police knocking on our door, but we’re a political party and don’t have any interest in breaking the law.

“Our leaflets are hard-hitting, but sometimes the truth needs to be hard-hitting. Yet again we’re being demonised.”

Read more from Luton on Sunday

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  • Lauren.Archell  |  August 15 2012, 9:52PM

    It is thanks to The BNP,EDL,CXF & other patriotic groups that this isssue was raised in the public eye & ACTION WAS FINALY TAKEN ! Perhaps Linda Jack should return to politics to find out why the GROOMING & SEXUAL ABUSE HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO GO ON FOR 30+ years "DID SHE EVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ? SOME HOW I DOUBT IT" WHAT IS THIS WOMENS CLAIM TO FAME APART FROM SLAGGING OFF THE BNP ?

  • Lauren.Archell  |  August 14 2012, 11:29PM

    My letter to Linda Jack: Dear Linda, While I understand the logic behind your comments, I think they are misplaced. When we live in times when a liberal ideology has virtually no opposition, it has lost all meaning and direction. Now we have crimes for things people say. We have Newsweek articles enquiring whether our babies are racist. We have U.S. politicians endorsing sadomasochism. We have a large stream of people from the third world entering our country and many people are afraid to say anything because of fear of political correctness. Recently when Cameron proposed an earning floor for foreign nationals to being in family into the country Baroness Warsi cried out that this is "racist." Large parts of this country resemble the third world and you would take away people’s right to voice concern over this. The same people who would love to protect the cultural and ethnic status of Tibet, Palestine, the Native Americans or even the people of India, would worship and organisation like the BNP for these peoples, but as soon as a white person wants to preserve the historic ethic status i.e. to be a cultural conservative he is labelled as the enemy by politically correct liberalism. It is really not surprising that there has been a polarisation resulting in the type of line that the BNP is taking. The liberal minded people who have created this liberal-fascism against the cultural conservative are in my opinion responsible for this, and what is more - one will constantly fail to get a sensible answer from a liberal which does not involve the use of steering away from debate and towards smear words. In other words, if you were honest this situation would not exist. Regards Nick Spires